Today we are very proud to present Gateway firmware OMEGA 2.3b BETA to our beta testers!

For this update we focused on bringing support back for recent games and applications that use the new encryption method that was introduced in System Firmware 7.x and higher.
It took us a while before it was ready, but here we are today. We always deliver as promised!

With this update we are happy to announce that this brings our game compatibility back to 100% and we want to keep it that way!

But we also want to make a few observations:
* We have noticed that some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.
Firmware spoofing no longer works for these games, and emunand is currently required for these games to run.

* Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but
support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

We are still investigating if we can improve upon these limitations, but we currently think that this is an acceptable solution for the time being.
That and we also have a lot more interesting features planned that we want to release!

Our next focus will be revising the savegames subsystem. We think a lot of our savegame editing and retail gamecard users will be pleased with what we have planned!

Once approved by our beta testing friends, the final release will be published. If all goes well, this means very soon.

Until next time, ENJOY and as always support the innovators and not the imitators!

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