We would like to say thanks to our users for testing the public beta and reporting bugs.
We are still working through the feedback but so far we have already fixed the SPI Test bug in Diagnostics menu,
and released it as Gateway ULTRA 3.0.1, available in the Downloads section.

The downgrade packs have now also been added to the Downloads section, please download the proper dgpack for your region if you want to downgrade.

We want to caution users using the downgrade feature: it is a dangerous operation as it will write to sysnand and if something goes wrong it may brick your 3DS.
We currently recommend that ONLY USERS WITH A NAND MOD try this, and report back any issues.

If you want to restore your NAND.BIN from SD Card to sysnand, simply hold UP when entering the Downgrade menu will launch the restore menu.
This can be used to go back to your original NAND, such as before downgrading.

As always ENJOY!

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