We need your feedback!

We  hope  you  are enjoying our new update, which we believe is strong and solid and running smoothly on most consoles.

However,  we know nobody’s perfect, and some of you might detect some small bugs we left behind.

We need your help! If you discover or suffer from a bug with our latest firmware (Gateway 4.1V), please post about it on this page:

We   are   carefully monitoring it and will test every bug reported. We will try to fix the most common ones as soon as possible but will work on all of them for a perfect release over time.

Simultaneously,  and  since  we  ask you to post there above to help us with bug tracking,  we  also  would  like  to ask you to contribute to the improvement of Gateway  3DS  by  voting  here  for  the  features you would like to be added to Gateway 3DS:
The  highest the vote, the more the chances are that the requested features will be  developed  next.  Please  understand  we can’t include in our firmware every single  request  right  away,  but  we  will add all feasible ones step by step, starting with the most popular demands.

Thank  you  again  for your support, and we hope to receive a lot of feedback to improve our product, with your help, and the hard work of our dev team.

We  are  here to stay, so do not worry when we are silent for a little while, we are  committed  to our product, and as you have seen during the past 3 years, we keep  coming up with updates and will continue to do so to make Gateway the best investment you have ever made. Enjoy!

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