29/03 – 10.3 and A9Hax support.

We are almost there!

The  next  big  updates with 10.3 and A9hax support, as well as a nice surprise, are just around the corner.

We apologize for the delay to fulfill our announcement, but as always we deliver.  Please understand weare still supporting our V1 hardware from a few years ago, which in the case of this major update has proven quite challenging.
We are very proud that users who bought their device 3 years ago still enjoy full support, although it has caused some delay.
And we will continue to do so by making sure all Gateway users, old and new, are receiving more than they expected for their money worth.

10.3 support and A9Hax will be released separately in the coming days to save from further delays. We are starting to expand our testing panel to more Alpha testers on various consoles types, regions, firmware etc. so it shouldn’t be long.  But please for safety reason do not use any new Gateway firmware until we have confirmed test results and released the official update.

Thank you for your patience, get ready to ‘enjoy’!

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